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rickenbacker 325 copy for sale

The Rickenbacker 325 was the first of the Capri series of hollow body guitars released in 1958 by Rickenbacker. It was designed by Roger Rossmeisl, a guitar craftsman from a family of German instrument makers. Production models were 20-3/4″ short scale, dot fretboard inlays, and a small (12-3/4″ wide) body. The body is unbound, semi-hollow, with 2’oclock angled soundhole (although re-issues lack a sound hole due to the Lennon connection), and boasts the “crescent moon”-style cutaways. This series is currently available only in “C” reissue form. These instruments gained prominence due to John Lennon’s use of a 325 during the early years of The Beatles. John Lennon’s 1958 model was among the very first batch made and has the pre production feature of a solid top, i.e.: no soundhole. All subsequent production 325. 315, & 310 guitars had soundholes until the 1970s.


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