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Rickenbacker Susanna Hoffs Guitar

Do you want to buy a new guitar? Are you finding the Rickenbacker Susanna Hoffs Guitar? A good news for you that our shop is a guitar custom shop, you can custom-made this guitar in our shop. So, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!!!

Susanna Hoffs first got into guitar when she was in elementary school when his uncle began teaching him how to play chords on his acoustic nylon string. From there, she learned Ease and the lessons traded with friends. Before she started college, she began to play the electric guitar, and bought a Gibson SG, said he was detained by one of the Byrds. She was in love with the music of the 60s, so a guitar played by one of the Byrds was definitely his style. While studying at the University of Berkeley, she bought her first 60s Rickenbacker, black and white with the checked link. He was the guitar she used in recording the first single hit Bangle. She said she has always liked the nostalgic sound of the Rickenbacker Susanna Hoffs Guitar.

She had a long and successful career with the Rickenbacker Susanna Hoffs Guitar, famous group of girls of the 80s, with huge hits like Walk Like an Egyptian and Manic Monday. On their fourth album “Doll Revolution” hit, she used a ’66 Starfire Guild 12-string guitar, which she had told both vintage and modern sound, suitable to his style, again, great.

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